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Faculty & Staff

Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Our dedicated and caring staff consists of many experienced teachers and support staff as well as others new to the educational professions who provide enthusiasm and fresh new ideas. The Harmon staff stresses growth, individual responsibility, and problem-solving in a collaborative effort among students, parents, educators, and the community.

Administration and Front Office

Angie Beauchene Principal Ext: 3505 Send E-mail
Tonya Thompson Social Worker Ext: 3508 Send E-mail
Holly Dempster Administrative Assistant Ext: 3505 Send E-mail
Martha Mora Attendance/Registration Ext: 1300 Send E-mail
Barbi Cameron Medical Assistant Ext: 3503 Send E-mail


R.I.S.E. Preschool and Pops

Shelley Kalchert R.I.S.E. Preschool Room #126 Send E-Mail
New Hire  POPS Preschool Room #124  
Brendan Stynes Program Specialist 480-882-3538 Send E-mail




Heather Domarad Room #316 Send E-mail
Leilani Alger Room #320 Send E-mail
Erika Rodriguez Room #317 Send E-mail


First Grade

Savrina Diaz Room #322 Send E-mail
Mitzi Prueher Room #308 Send E-mail
Larissa Schultz Room #321 Send E-mail


Second Grade

Mitzi Prueher Room #308 Send E-mail
Victoria Ramirez Room #315 Send E-mail
Heather Wendt Room #306 Send E-mail


Third Grade

Debbie Sterkel Room #428 Send E-mail
Diane Hodges Room #427  Send E-mail
Kearstin Richardson Room #426  


Fourth Grade

Brenna Flynn Room #415 Send E-mail
Vanessa Martinez Room #411 Send E-mail


Fifth Grade

Diana Tibben Room #419 Send E-mail
Shelby Neves Room #421  Send E-mail
Emily Ruiz Room #417  Send E-mail


Sixth Grade

John Sholtis Room #422 Send E-mail
Melissa Christiansen Room #424 Send E-mail
April Klundt Room #423  Send E-mail


R.I.S.E. Classes 

Monae Moulton R.I.S.E. Room #324 Send E-mail
Heather Bullard R.I.S.E. Room #327 Send E-mail
Kim Lagana R.I.S.E. Room #325 Send E-mail



Aaron Allen Technology Room #302 Send E-mail
Patricia Murphy Technology Room #406 Send E-mail
Guido Lavorata Orchestra Room #241 Send E-mail
Kathy Overall Music Room #241 Send E-mail
  Band Room #244  
Daniel Velazquez P.E. Room #Gym Send E-mail
Michael Gorman  P.E. Room #Gym Send E-mail

Instructional Support

Natalie Quiroz Speech Room #305 Send E-mail
Karin Schaffer Speech Room #305 Send E-mail
Janey Ramirez Instructional Coach Room #416 Send E-mail


Dr. Phillip Debons Psychologist   Send E-mail
Katie Godzwon Title I Room #420 Send E-mail
Jamie Haugland ELL Room # Send E-mail
Brenda Menendez Program Specialist Room #119 Send E-mail
Peggy Johnson Program Specialist Room #119 Send E-mail
Brenda Septer PT Room #307 Send E-mail
Nicole Haarma OT Room #307 Send E-mail


 Debra Sensanbaugher Resource  Room #408 Send E-mail
Jennifer McKee Resource  Room #418 Send E-Mail
Tracey Gunderson Resource  Room #304 Send E-mail

Paraprofessionals and Support Staff

Erica Bejarano Paraprofessional Send E-mail
Joan Bishop Library Paraprofessional Send E-mail
Lucinda Griffin-Michie Paraprofessional Send E-mail
Shanilee Holder Paraprofessional  
Summer Huber Paraprofessional Send E-mail
Karen Hummel Paraprofessional Send E-mail
Allyson Jackson Resource Paraprofessional Send E-mail
Maria Johnson Resource Paraprofessional Send E-mail
Margaret Kane Paraprofessional Send E-mail
Becky Murphy Paraprofessional Send E-mail
Nadege Nicolas Paraprofessional  
Jack Strubel Paraprofessional Send E-mail
Rebecca Thielbar Paraprofessional Send E-Mail
Christine Rieboldt Title 1 Paraprofessional Send E-mail


Amanda Canseco Noon Aide Send E-mail
Elizabeth Meyer Noon Aide/Crossing Guard Send E-mail              
Kathy Oliver Noon Aide Send E-mail

Food Service and Custodians

Laura Shaw Kitchen Manager  Ext: 3504 Send E-Mail
Bobby Cannella Building Manager Send E-mail
Tony Spezzano Night Lead Custodian Send E-mail
Angelica Molina Custodian Send E-mail
  .5 Custodian