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What should I do if my child is absent?

If a students is absent from school, we ask that parents call the attendance line (480) 882-3501. This line is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. If for some reason you cannot call, you can have your child take a note to the attendance clerk immediately upon his or her return to school. However, if you know that your child is going to be absent, you should contact the attendance clerk ahead of time.

When is a student considered tardy?

Students are considered tardy when they are not inside the building when the 8:15 bell rings. Any student arriving at school later than 8:15 a.m. must check in at the office before going to class. Parents who bring their child to school later than the 8:15 bell must come into the office and sign their child into school. We will contact parents of students who walk on their own to school, if their child arrives late to school. Repeated tardiness will result in a phone call home and/or potential school consequences.

When are parent/teacher conferences usually held?

2021-2022 fall parent/teacher conferences will be on Thursday, September 2 and Friday, September 3. Spring parent/teacher conferences will be on Thursday, February 17 and Friday, February 18. We will release students at 12:00 p.m. on those dates. Parents can schedule a parent/teacher conference at any time during the school year by contacting their child’s teacher.

What is the Jack Harmon Elementary School dress code?

At Harmon, we are striving to maintain the best possible environment for high student achievement. Due to having students at such varying stages of development many of our dress code concerns involve our upper elementary students in 5th and 6th grade. Below is our expectations as they are indicated in our school Family Handbook. You can find a copy of our handbook under Parents Quick Links on our Home page.

Students clothing should provide adequate coverage of the body. Short shorts, bathing suits, halter tops, spaghetti straps, bare-midriff shirts, or clothing which is backless or revealing is distracting and not suitable for school. In order to define short shorts, the following guideline will be used at Harmon: A student’s shorts should be as long as their fingertips when their arms are hanging fully extended at their sides.
Undergarments and straps should be adequately covered and not visible by other students or staff.
Tennis shoes are encouraged on PE days, for safety reasons.
Any clothing displaying alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or any sexual connotations is not appropriate.
Hats of any kind will not be worn in the building.

Students who are cited for a dress code violation may be required to cover or replace the garment with an appropriate alternative provided by the school or parent. If a change of clothes is necessary, the inappropriate attire will be held in the front office until the end of the day when it may be picked up by the students or parent. A phone call or note will go home to parents notifying you of the issue and if this occurs three or more times administration will contact you to address this as an ongoing issue.

What if my child need medication during school hours?

Each medication is to be presented to Harmon’s Health Assistant or designee by an adult. Parents assume full responsibility for the supply, transportation, and maintenance of prescription medication. Medication must be in the original pharmacy container-stating name of the student, name of the medication, dosage, and the time to be given. A consent form for giving medication at school must be completed and signed by the parent and physician. Medicine will be administered in the presence of school personnel.

Where is the lost and found at Harmon Elementary?

We will place clothing and other articles found at school in our “Lost and Found” location in the breezeway next to the office. We encourage you to label personal items, including removable clothing, musical instruments, and notebooks. Use a permanent black marker or something that will not easily come off. We will donate all unclaimed items to charities periodically throughout the year.

Is physical education offered at Harmon?

Yes. Parents need to closely monitor their student’s weekly schedule for P.E. days. Proper footwear must be worn. Students should not wear sandals, flip-flops, or other open-toed shoes. If a student must be excused for medical reasons, they must present a signed note to the P.E. teacher or health assistant from his or her parent/guardian.

Does Harmon Elementary have a student council?

Yes. It is the governing body of the school and plans some student activities. Student council is an organization through which the students may express their opinions and assist in the functions of the school. The council tries to promote leadership and initiative. A president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and historian of the student body are elected to carry on student activities during the school year. Grade level representatives are appointed to the council.

What are the bus rules?

We've included the expected student behavior in English and Spanish for your review. All parents and students are required to sign that they have read and understand these requirements. Please click on the underlined word above for the version of your choice.

Where can I find a copy of the Harmon Family Handbook?

For your convenience, you can find a copy of our Family Handbook under The About Us Tab then click on the Our School Tab

What are the school hours for kindergarten students?

Kindergarten students attend the same hours as all of our other students. We offer full-day kindergarten at no charge.
If your kindergarten student does not use the bus, please pick him/her up from the classroom at the regular dismissal time.

What are the school hours for Harmon Elementary?

School hours for grades K-6 are 8:15 a.m. to 3:05 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Wednesday, they are 8:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
For safety reasons students are not to be on campus before 7:50 a.m. There is no supervision. If you need to bring your students before this time there is a before school program, Combs Kidz.  Applications are available at the J.O. Combs District office, by calling 987-5310, or online.

May my primary age student walk to or from school?

Primary grade students (grades K-2) should always be accompanied by an adult or older sibling when walking to and from school.

Where do I pick up my child after school?

Dismissal is a very busy time, and it is important that our dismissal procedures ensure student safety and are as efficient as possible. Patience and cooperation from everyone is necessary during dismissal.

Our vehicle pick-up procedure (with the exception of kindergarten) is as follows: Please line up your vehicle in single file along the front sidewalk. Please pull your vehicle all of the way forward, where students will be able to walk up to get into their vehicle. Drivers need to remain in the car at all times.

Kindergarten students who are not transported by bus will be picked up outside the multi-purpose room at dismissal times. Please wait by the front double doors to pick-up your child. Parents who drive will need to pull into the parking area and walk over to the front of the building to get their children. Please remember to always use the crosswalk. Please note that school kindergarten parents/guardians will need to have in hand their parent placard to pick up their kindergarten student, we will ask those without their placard to go to the front office to present proper ID. This will be done to ensure the safety of your child. Older siblings may also pick up kindergarten students but this needs to be arranged in advance and communicated by a parent to the teacher. School staff will escort bus riders to the bus.

Please be respectful of our pick-up times. Our teachers and other staff members have various responsibilities and tasks to attend to each day before they leave for home.

Where will students who walk home be dismissed?

There are two exits during dismissal, one on the north side of the school near Madison Street and the second exit is from the front of the school.

May my child ride a bicycle, skateboard, or scooter to school?

We permit students to ride bicycles, skateboards, and scooters to school, but students must store these items in the bike racks at the front of the school. Students should always have a lock or a method of securing these types of items. Students who ride these items to school must remember that they are not to ride them on school property, and that they need to walk them to the bike racks once they reach the campus.

May I visit my child at school?

The district welcomes adult visitors. Parents who wish to schedule classroom observations should make an appointment with their child’s teacher at least twenty-four hours in advance. In order to preserve the integrity of the learning environment, the principal may limit observations in frequency and length. The principal may accompany the classroom observer.

We require all visitors to the school campus to first sign in at the office and provide picture identification to receive a visitor’s badge.

May I call my child’s teacher?

Our instructional staff is generally not available to take phone calls or respond to e-mails during the school day. You are always welcome to leave a message for your child’s teacher with the front office or to leave a message on his/her voicemail. Teachers strive to respond to all messages within 24 hours. You can send an email at any time. Please see our Faculty and Staff page for email addresses.

How can I get a message or item to my child?

If you have an important message for your child, please leave the message with our front office staff, and they will deliver it. WIth a full campus, it is important that you make arrangements for pick-up with your child before they leave for school. If on occasion you need to alert your student of a change of plan, please call early enough in the day that the message can be given to your student without interrupting class. There is no guarantee that your student will get the message if you call during the last 15 minutes of the day. If you are dropping off items such as your child's instrument, homework, or lunch, please leave the item at the front office, and we will allow your child to pick it up at an appropriate time.

What if I need to pick up my student early from school?

Parents who will be signing their child out from school early will need to come into the school’s front office and sign their children out. Keep in mind that the last 15 minutes of class time is not only busy for the front office but the classroom is wrapping up the day with homework assignments, binder checks, etc. Please be considerate in your planning for pick-up and avoid the last 15 minutes of the day. We apologize for the inconvenience, but for the benefit of your child, the front office will not take phone requests to have students called up to be waiting for parents to arrive.

How can I make my child’s birthday special?

Teachers and administrators are important role models and are encouraged to practice healthy eating behaviors and be physically active. The district recognizes that occasional celebrations are a tradition at school. Staff and parents alike are encouraged to support a healthy environment throughout the district. Anyone wishing to supply food or beverage for a celebration should:

support a healthy environment by purchasing from a commercial source. Due to concerns regarding food allergies, no home baked / prepared products are allowed.
buy individually wrapped items to avoid bare hand contact with the food. If the items are not individually wrapped, an adult wearing disposable gloves, must serve the food.

If you would like to honor your child’s special day with something other than food you might consider:

Donating a book to your child’s teacher’s classroom library in honor of your child with his/her name inside.
Donating a piece of recess equipment (balls, jump ropes, etc.) to your child’s class.
Providing each student in your child’s class with a colorful pencil or eraser.

All student birthday celebrations need to be arranged with your child’s teacher at least three days in advance.

Send any of the following to honor your child's special day:

Donate a book to the school or classroom library with your child's name inside.
Have your child bring their favorite book to share and the teacher or child will read it to the class.
Donate a ball or jump rope (new or used) to the classroom for recess.
Provide each student in class with a colorful pencil, stickers, or eraser.

Please make prior arrangements with your student's teacher

How much does breakfast and lunch cost? How can I pay online?

Elementary School Lunch - $2.65
Reduced Student Lunch - $0.40
Adult Lunch - $3.15
Adult Breakfast - $1.75
Student Breakfast - $1.25
Student Reduced Breakfast - $0.30
Milk - $0.50

Parents - Pay for school lunches on-line at EZSchoolPay.com. First, call 987-5312 to get started. You will need a secure student ID to add your student. This is a great way to manage your students account even if you do not wish to add funds online.

You must fill out a new lunch application for free and reduced meals every school year.

How do I enroll my child in the before and after school program?

Applications are available at the J.O. Combs District office, by calling 987-5310, or online.

Times of operation:

6:30-8:00 a.m. and from 3:05-6:00 p.m. on regular school days.
Wednesday afternoon times are 1:35-6:00 p.m.

Tuition is:

$215.00 a child/month for after school
$94.00/month for before school
$270.00/month for both before and after school care
P.M. Program – Wednesday’s only $66.00/month.
Daily Options :
AM $7/Daily
PM $17/Daily

A non-refundable registration fee of $65.00/student is required.
Re-Registration Fee (after 10 Schools Days of nonattendance) a non-refundable fee of $25.00/student is required.

What is the Arizona Tax Credit and how do I make a contribution?

Monetary donations toward your students school can be claimed on your Arizona State taxes. Your donation is eligible for the Arizona State Income Tax Credit as allowed by statutes A.R.S. 43-1021, 43-108, and 43-1088.

Tax Credit Donations are welcome in any amount up to $200.00 per single individuals and $400.00 per married couples.

Eligible clubs include:

Field Trips
Character Counts Club
Student Council

Contributions can be made at the school office or online at jocombs.org

How can I become a volunteer at my child’s school?

Volunteers are not only welcome, but very important to our teaching staff. All volunteers must have an information packet on file. If you want to volunteer exclusively in your child’s classroom, you will not need to have fingerprint clearance on file. To volunteer at the school but not directly supervised by your students teacher, you must have fingerprint clearance. See the front office if you have any questions.

Volunteers must sign the volunteer log at the front desk.

Volunteers during school hours are not allowed to have young children accompany them. This policy ensures safety, minimizes classroom interruptions, and promotes full concentration of students, teachers, and volunteers/visitors on the learning activity. Volunteer policy is subject to change.

How can I update my contact information?

Please e-mail, fax, or bring into the front office proof of residency or a request to have your address, phone number, or eligible adults updated. E-mail updated information to mmora@jocombs.org.

Who do I contact if I have a concern about my child’s teacher?

We want all parental concerns resolved in an expedient and fair manner. When appropriate, any
concern should be directed through your student’s teacher first. An administrator will not act on your behalf until a parent has met to discuss the concern with the teacher first.

The following tips from the U.S. Department of Education will help you effectively address your

  1. Work with the Teacher First - Continuing communication with teachers is very important in solving problems. As you work with your child's teacher, here are some important things to remember:
    • Talk with each of your child's teachers early in the school year. Get acquainted before problems arise and let each teacher know that you want to be kept informed.
    • Contact the teacher as soon as you have a concern. By quickly alerting the teacher of your concern, you can work together to solve a problem in its early stages.
    • Request a meeting with the teacher to discuss the issue.
    • Approach the teacher with a cooperative spirit. Believe that the teacher wants to help you and your child, even if you disagree about something. Don't go to the principal without giving the teacher a chance to work out the problem with you and your child.
    • Work out a way to solve or lessen the problem. The strategy will depend on what the problem is, how severe it is and what the needs of your child are.
    • Make sure that communication is clear. Listen to the teacher and don't leave until you're sure that you understand what's being said. Make sure, too, that the teacher understands what you have to say.
  2. Contact the principal - A majority of the time your concern should be resolved by working directly with the teacher.  However, if you have not received resolution to your concern after working directly with your child’s teacher, it is appropriate for you to contact the school’s building administrator.
  3. Contact the superintendent’s office - If your child is having a problem in his classroom, you should first communicate with the teacher. If you feel that the teacher is not responding adequately, contact the principal. If communication fails with the principal, then take the problem to the superintendent’s office. The superintendent or designee will want to know that you have attempted to handle a problem in this way before bringing it to their attention.
    • If you have a concern that applies to the entire school district (such as declining achievement levels throughout the district or mass flight out of the district), then it is appropriate to approach the superintendent first.