Free Online Activities for Preschoolers

Starting Monday, August 3, 2020, a weekly newsletter will be shared via Daycare Works and ClassDojo, as well on this web page, that will include links and attachments to free online activities. These will vary each week but will include crafts, enrichment activities, and educational resources to help develop your child's gross and fine motor skills. Staff will also post storytime videos where they read a book related to the theme of each week's curriculum. Please know that these optional resources will be made available free of charge to anyone in the community with preschool aged children.


Weekly Newsletters


Kinder Prep | August 31


Kinder Prep | August 24


Kinder Prep | August 10


Young Coyotes | August 10


Kinder Prep | August 3


Young Coyotes | August 3


Please note that if you also have children enrolled in grades K-12, you will continue to receive separate communication from your teacher regarding their virtual instruction via Google Classroom.